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In Texas, obtaining a food handler's certificate is simple. All you have to do is finish a training program and pass an exam to get a food handler card that is valid not only in Amarillo, but also in Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, Austin, or anywhere else in Texas.

This Food Handler course has been developed to meet the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) E2659 standard practice for certificate programs requirements by training experts with the guidance of health department food safety officials, food management professionals and food handlers like you. It is periodically updated to stay current with food codes and to improve quality.

This course is offered in English, Spanish, Chinese, and Vietnamese. All languages are available to you when you sign up for this program. 

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course overview

This course consists of 6 lessons and a final exam. The lessons are:

Lesson 1

Food Safety Basics

Lesson 2

Personal Hygiene

Lesson 3

Receiving and Storing Food

Lesson 4

The Danger Zone

Lesson 5

Sanitation, Cleaning and Maintenance

Lesson 6

Employee Health Status

Texas Food Handler Details

Does the state of Texas require a food handlers certificate?

Texas Administrative Code Rule 228.33 requires that all food employees complete an ANSI-accredited training course within 60 days of getting hired.

Food employees, according to the TXDSHS, are those who deal with unpackaged food, food equipment or utensils, or food-contact surfaces. This can include fast-food joints, coffee shops, food trucks, bakeries, as well as brick-and-mortar restaurants and bars.

Give your employer a copy of your card once you've received it so they can keep it on hand. According to state law, your employer must keep a paper copy or electronic copy of your certificate of completion on the premises at all times.

Where can i find more information about food handlers certification in Texas?

Secretary of State of Texas: The Texas Administrative Code, as well as other published versions of rules and regulations, can be found online.

Food safety, permits, and licensing are all controlled by the Texas Department of State Health Services, which focuses on public health.

Feel free to visit the Texas Department of State Health Services website or the Department's Training FAQ for more information on the Food Handler Education or Training Program.

how long does a texas food handlers certificate last?

The validity of your food handler's certificate is three years. Your certificate will expire after three years, at which point, you will have to take the course over. Even if you change jobs, your certificate will be valid statewide because this is an ANSI-accredited program, even if you start working for a food service company in a different city or county.

what jobs can i get in texas with a food handlers certification?

As previously stated, you can work in a variety of establishments with your food handlers certificate. And there are multiple positions within each establishment. Texas' food and beverage business is one of the largest in the nation and is rapidly expanding.

According to the Texas restaurant Association, 1,344200 restaurant and food service jobs were available in 2019, accounting for 10% of total employment. More importantly, by 2029, that number is expected to increase by 15.2%.


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